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Crowd Funding…

Crowd funding is the practice of funding a project or venture or for a cause by raising relatively small amounts of money from a large number of people ( the Crowd), typically via the Internet / Online.

About Us

Our Mission

Fundzon targeting to Make Everyones’ life Easy & Happier. Our Mission is to Overcome Financial Crisis and get the Financial Freedom in the life of a absolute UnKnown Common Person from any corner of the world, regardless any Age, Religion and / or Cast. Our Mission Statement “People Helping People” represents the Attitude, Approach and Acumen that the organization will abide by day in and day out.

Our Vision

Fundzon is a visionary organization, started to Empower a Common Man and Community across the Globe. Generate and Promote Employment Opportunities for unemployed people and to give them an opportunity to make financial freedom through Worldwide Community Helping System.

No Product Sales. No Target. No MLM.Our Product is MONEY.

Our Goal

Our GOAL is to give accessibility to all users regardless of Age, Gender, Religion, Location, Investment, Technical Noose or any Experience. We keep competing with ourselves and improving our standards by showing & driving people…


The simplest way to raise funds!

No loans. No debts. No worries.

100% Secure and Risk Free.

Fundzon helps you launch fundraisers for you and your loved ones. May be for your any or Personal cause too, you can always count on us.

Causes you can raise funds for

Be it for a personal need, social cause or a creative idea - you can count on us for

the project that you want to raise funds for any of your requirements.

Go live in….m i n u t e s


What we offer….

A Dedicated Smart-Dashboard
Get Funds Instantly in your Account
Intuitive User Experience : No third party in between the Donner & the Receiver , so 100% Secure &Risk Free.
International Payment Support
Accept All Modes of Payment

How To Get Started :

We are highly committed to provide best customer satisfaction.

Inclusive Growth :

Let's make it difference by availing growing opportunity for the Community.

Success :

The starting point of all achievement is Desire.

What is 'Fundzon Assured'?

What is 'Fundzon Assured'?

HELP & GET HELP, for the Worldwide Community, the campaign running on the platform is a badge of assurance that confirms the authenticity and credibility of FUNDZON’s intentions. All raised funds are transferred to the beneficiary’s account directly (beneficiary which is registered on the web page) within No Time.

Is my identity information secured when I donate to Beneficiary ?

Fundzon gives utmost importance to safety. We understands that you care about how your information is used and shared. We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards with respect to the collection, storage and disclosure of personally identifiable donor and beneficiary information.

How is my payment/donation secured?

All Payments are secured via 128 bit encryption. Fundzon assures you that the information you provide is completely protected and that your donations are safely transferred by you directly to the beneficiary’s account via secured payment gateways chosen by you . Our secure-server software encrypts all your personal information like name, number, email and address. The encryption process takes the characters you enter and converts them into bits of code that are then securely transmitted over the internet to the payment gateways.

Why a donor need not worry:

How do I know the beneficiary is authentic?

No matter how much one can monitor and control, there’s no way to be 100% sure about the beneficiary but here at Fundzon ; you are referred by the beneficiary who knows you, and you are having all details of him/her before making donation. And you have to donate directly to the beneficiary’s Account. So there’s No Question of authenticity of beneficiary. Even though Fundzon contains accurate or truthful information. Donors should make a payment only if they trust the beneficiary.

What if Fundzon send my information to random parties?

All the information you submit while making a donation is for safety and security purposes. We prevent unauthorized access. So don’t worry about your information being circulated by Fundzon. I have more questions! If you have any concerns apart from these, we’re just an email away. Write to [email protected]

What you should know about us:

FUNDZON does not encourage donation pages that attempt to avoid the prescribed donation method i.e., posting direct links to alternative payment methods. We direct people to the ‘Help Once’ Tab found on each Fundzon donation page.

Please, Report any pages that request direct payments or users who attempt to contact you to arrange an alternative method of payment.

Do not reveal your personal information like contact number, address details to anyone who requests for it using the ‘Message' feature on your FUNDZON page. We never contact users through this method. You can share your email address if need be. Additionally, Exercise Caution if you receive offers from 3rd-party fundraising companies or individuals offering personal assistance.

NEVER arrange to personally meet anyone who contacts you through Fundzon Site.

Report any suspicious activity directly to us.


  • Fundzon does not promote any type of Equity or Lending based fund raising. It just a Online web based platform, provide social service for 'DONATION' and 'REWARD' based fund raising through this worldwide helping system.
  • Fundzon is the first crowd funding platform in which never charge any Admin and Service Fees.
  • Crowd funding is a proven way of collecting small amounts as 'Contributions, Donations, Charity or Help' from a large number of people; however It’s not any kind of Business or Investment Income opportunity. We are trying to accelerate the fund raising with our Unique Algorithm and Innovative Conceptual, Cloud Based System.
  • To be a part of Fundzon or any of the campaigns of our system is 'Purely Optional' and ‘Personal Choice’, and in any case ‘Not Mandatory’.
  • Fundzon’s Contribution system and methodology is purely based on Crowd funding.
  • Fundzon ; make No Claims or Guarantees of contributions that your project will receive the confirmed Help / Donation in any form.
  • Fundzon ; make No Claims or Guarantees of contributions that your project will receive the confirmed Help / Donation in any form.
  • Your fundraising project’s success depends, largely on, his or her Campaign, Requirement, Desire and Personal Efforts to get the Help.
  • Once the Contribution / Donation is made, the Contributor or Donner Can Not Retrieve it Back in Any case. So please, go through the system Carefully & Thorley before contribute or be a part of the System and decide very Consciously, as this will be your personal choice.
  • We DO NOT offer any investment option or any return on investment in any form and any claims made by anyone should be duly verified by sending an email to [email protected].
  • Fundzon encourages you to participate and take an mature & informed decision. The amount of your contribution, that you donate, to your Referral's Project is Purely Optional, Non-Refundable and a Personal Choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have 100% satisfactory answer to everyone's question ....

  • What if no one joins me?

    It is reasonable to have such doubts before joining the system. So far we have seen why people will join this system, but now let's look at the reasons why there may be reasons for no one to join. There could be two main reasons for this. (1) No one else has financial problems except us, all are financially happy. But in today's world of population growth, inflation, unemployment and economic imbalances, it seems that more and more people are joining the system. (2) Another reason may be that the newcomers do not move forward in the system if they cannot explain it to others, but no one in this system is alone, but has to work with the support of their leaders. Anyone can easily work and learn in this system from regular running online seminars and training programs. Our job is not just to engage people but most importantly to teach.

  • Crowd funding platforms have the great advantage of having a lot of free apps installed from the play store. Someone has worked very hard to create an application. Then why give in for free ?! Because when that app is downloaded by millions of people, ads come in that app and they get millions of rupees from that ad. Similarly, even though there is no financial benefit of this platform today, when millions of people visit this website every day, Fundzon will get crores of rupees in advertising money , that can again be utilized for a noble course. Another benefit is that you can do your work for free by logging on to the website in the platform, but to save time, if you install the application, you will have to buy it for 5 dollars, that is, 350 rupees. We will give only 350, a small amount. But when this three and a half hundred rupees comes from millions of people, another benefit of crores of rupees will happen to the platform.

  • The concepts of the companies you are talking about, was to get people to invest and in such a concept all the money is credited to the company's account. The company then distributes the money to everyone according to its own plan, so there is always the fear that the company will not distribute the money or the owner of the company will run away with the money. But fundraisers world, the worldwide community helping system is not an investment company. This is an organization in which no one is the owner or everyone who joins becomes the owner himself. In this system people help each other and also direct. I.e. google pay, phonepe, paytm, paypal and bank to bank direct transfers. When there is no third party between the giver and the taker of help, there is no risk of a single rupee. That is why this system is completely safe and secure

  • No. Not at all. Because .. where any organization or company collects money from people in terms of investment and promises to pay i.e. double or triple return, then legally it can be called money rotation or money circulation. But here our organization does not take a single rupee or even promise to give. This platform works like a social media. For example ... as platforms like quikr or olx become a means to buy-sell old goods ... crowd funding platforms are just a means between the giver and the taker and provide not one but two methods to raise funds in the system. . You can also do online social media crowd funding without giving a single rupee if you wish. The give and take method is not compulsory.

  • No. Not at all. Because .. when you see someone, you explain the give and take non-refundable policy. This means that just as you help strangers non-refundable without asking their purpose, so hundreds of people help you non-refundable without asking your purpose. According to the same policy. And when you accept help online, the system automatically generates a digital receipt and goes to the helper's email. In which the name of the helper and the recipient's mobile number, ID number and through which money has been transferred and the receipt number is stated. Also there is a important disclaimer, which shows that you have given this amount as a kind of social help. Which is completely non-refundable. So you can't complain legally or morley.


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